The Olomouc Regional Information Centre is located practically on the Moravian Trail route itself. We want to show the beauty of natural movement to the visitors of Smetana Park in Olomouc. It has been said that the most beautiful places are those you reach using your own energy. Not just by bicycle, but also by kick scooter, e-bike, or in-line skates.

After all, the manufacturing plant of Kostka, a well-known producer of kick scooters, is located in Hanušovice, a town on the Moravian Trail route. Over time, their kick scooters have undergone fundamental design development, and their current models are not just intended for kids, but also for adults and demanding athletes and racers.

Kostka kick scooters are even regarded as a suitable means of transport for elderly people with reduced mobility. Kostka also offers folding and electric kick bikes, and even special kick bikes for dog walking and mushing. (For details, see:

It is therefore logical that our Olomouc RIC would present kick bikes from this Moravian producer. You can rent and try their products, and perhaps you will get so excited by the enjoyable ride, during which you exercise muscles throughout your entire body, to even buy a kick bike to ride our cycle paths.

You can also try special types of kick scooters, balance bikes, as well as sports equipment like speedball, pickleball, and frisbee. Come and try a special three-wheeled kick bike powered by the rotational movement of your hips. All the muscles in your body are engaged during the ride, thus they are great for simultaneously toning up and slimming down.

Rental costs

Kick bike for adults:

CZK 100–300 per hour

Special foot bikes:

CZK 100 per hour

Children’s balance bike:

CZK 60 per hour

Sports equipment:

CZK 60–150 per hour

Operating Rules – Rental

Download the Operating Rules

PDF, 54.3 kb